We took great care and pride in selecting our building material for our facilities and activities.  Although ECO stands for Educating Children Outdoors, we also made ECO Center "ECO" friendly.  Thanks to a recycling grant from DKMM, we were able to quickly implement a long-term recycling program to help manage our waste.

  1. Permeable surfaces - We selected "slag" for our parking, driving, and high-traffic areas.  Slag is versatile and 100% recycled for green use and sustainable construction projects.  
  2. Recycling receptacles are available throughout the grounds to ensure our guests are able to properly dispose of aluminum, glass and plastic waste.  
  3. All of our attractions incorporate up-cycled materials.  We utilized old telephone poles, wooden electrical spools, tires, reclaimed lumber, barn foundations, stone property markers, fallen trees, and 55-gallon drums throughout the property.  Take a close look, we gave many old items a new life.
  4. Wildlife Habitat - ECO Center is certified through the National Wildlife Federation as a Wildlife Habitat.  
  5. Water-less Restrooms - A "Green" addition to our business.  No water + no chemicals + no smell = super cool.  We are proud owners of two Enviro Loos.  In addition to their water saving wonderfulness, the majority of the material used to construct the outbuildings that house the Enviro Loos, is reclaimed.  They are located on the front and back portion's of the property and include a urinal, baby changing station, and toilet.
  6. All green waste (food and animal waste) is composted on site in our industrial Jora JK400 hot compost tumbler or by our Red Wriggler worms in the Vermicomposter Worm Factory.


vermicomposter worm factory ECO Center
Eloo Restroom ECO Center Fall Festival.JPG


How the Enviro Loo works: