“Our second graders have visited ECO Center for the past three years. Each year, the teachers and students have created lasting memories spending time together outdoors. Every learning session provides the students with more knowledge and insight into our world. Our students adore the outdoor play area as well as learning about nature! Emily makes scheduling and organizing the trip effortless and their hospitality is unmatched! We love ECO Center! “

Mrs. Biggs

Let ECO Center be an outdoor extension of your classroom.


We offer curriculum-based lessons for Pre-K through 8th grade.  The hands-on activities are derived from the Council for Environmental Education's (CEE) Project Wild, Aquatic Wild, and Project WET as well as Project Learning Tree's Pre K-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide.  

The lessons are offered outdoors and focus on our 3-acre woods and native prairie.  The lessons include hands-on activities that will engage the student's creativity and critical thinking skills.  Many lessons are paired with equipment such as microscopes, binoculars, compasses, thermometers, and field guides.

Examples of themes offered:

  • Diversity

  • Interrelationships

  • Systems

  • Structure & Scale

  • Patterns of Change

  • Water Resource Management

  • Habitats, Ecosystems, & Niches

  • Human Impacts

  • Sustainability

  • Wildlife Populations & Management

Play Time 

In addition to the academic learning at ECO, we also offer play sessions that can be scheduled separately or together with an academic lesson. Our activities test children's strength, balance, creativity, and confidence.  Play activities include: mini zip lines, giant corn box, barrel train ride, upcycled playground, a tunnel slide, and petting zoo.

Weekday field trip sessions are scheduled between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:30 pm.

Please register below or email info@ecocenterohio.com for date and time availability.

  • Outdoor fees -

    • Youth/participants: $6.00 *

    • Chaperones: $4.00

    • Paid teaching staff: no charge

    • Must have a minimum of 25 students to be eligible for participant rate

Download and return the Field Trip Agreement and distribute the Permission to Participate form to each student attending the field trip. The permission slip can be turned in the day of your field trip. Download our Field Trip Guide to get information about your field trip to ECO Center and how to make it great!

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